Carbon Footprinting

Carbon Footprinting

Climate change is a global issue which demands the attention of organizations, governments and individuals. Forward-thinking organizations have begun voluntarily declaring their Greenhouse Gas  (GHG) emissions for reasons such as risk management, cost reduction, brand protection, and attracting socially responsible investment.  And in the process those organizations have prepared themselves for the GHG legislation of tomorrow. Carbon footprinting is an assessment and reporting methodology that enables companies, buildings and cities to more accurately calculate carbon emissions and identify areas for improvement. Carbon Check has an extensive experience offering carbon footprint verification (CFV) to standards that help organizations measure and report on their carbon footprint rigorously and transparently.


Both voluntary standards and protocols and mandatory reporting regimes exist to which businesses can assess and report their carbon footprint thoroughly and transparently. Using holistic, structured methodologies consistent with standards of lifecycle assessment, they give organizations the information and guidance they need to reduce emissions.


Carbon Check can independently verify the accuracy of the data and your carbon footprint based on standard opted. The client will have aN assurance on the level of emissions that one need to reduce and/or offset in or to become ‘carbon neutral’. CFV is fundamental to provide credibility, reassuring internal and external stakeholders that the carbon footprint of your organization is accurate, complete and compliant with the major GHG reporting standards. Transparency of your carbon footprint calculations gives you real integrity.

Relying on other businesses to tackle global warming is no longer an option. Each organization must take responsibility, verifying your organizations carbon footprint is a great first step to working towards this. As assessors of this field we can verify your carbon footprint and as a result, you’ll understand the level of emissions you need to reduce and/or offset to become ‘carbon neutral’.

Our CFV service is delivered in accordance with the international management systems standard ISO-14064-1.   Our process of third party verification embraces the highest standards of quality assurance and quality control procedures in the industry.  So you can be sure that the information we provide is a complete and totally reliable basis for improving your performance in monitoring and reporting emissions.