Sectoral Scopes

Sectoral Scopes

Carbon Check has been accredited for validation/verification and certification for the following sectoral scopes:

SS 1: Energy industries (renewable /non-renewable sources)

Technical Area 1.1: Thermal energy generation Technical Area 1.2: Renewables

SS 3: Energy demand

Technical Area 3.1: Energy demand.

SS 4: Manufacturing industries

Technical Area 4.1: Cement and lime production.

SS 5: Chemical industry

Technical Area 5.1: Chemical industry Technical Area 5.2: Caprolactam, nitric and adipic acid.

SS 9: Metal production

Technical Area 9.1: Aluminium and magnesium production
Technical Area 1.2: Iron, Steel and Ferro-alloy production

SS 10: Fugitive emissions from fuels (solid, oil and gas)

Technical Area 10.1: Fugitive emissions from oil and gas

SS 13: Waste handling and disposal

Technical Area 13.1: Solid waste and wastewater;
Technical Area 13.2: Manure.

SS 14: Afforestation and reforestation

Technical Area 14.1: Afforestation and reforestation.