Carbon Disclosure Project Verification

Carbon Check offers the services of independent third party review and assessment of reported GHG data in a reliable and transparent manner. Assessments are conducted in line with mechanisms such as ISO 14064 and the UNFCCC CDM Protocol in order to demonstrate ‘Environmental Integrity’.

More and more companies are voluntarily deciding to disclose their GHG emissions and climate change strategies through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). In 2012 some 4000 companies in 70 countries reported through CDP, including 81% of the Global 500 companies. 

The CDP verification process reviews the climate data provided and the systems, models and controls in place for collecting and managing it. As such, Carbon Check as an independent verifier are able to bring objectivity and experience to the data review, enabling inefficiencies and errors to be identified. This ultimately assists in the continual improvement of the processes used and the accuracy and usefulness of the data, resulting in internal development and cost saving programs.

Currently CDP recommends that companies verify data that is submitted.  It is not a requirement; however it is encouraged through the CDP scoring methodology. The methodology allocates a noteworthy percentage of the scores to verification. In order for a company to gain full points on verification, companies should attach a third party verification/assurance statement. 

The certification provided by Carbon Check will clearly relate to GHG emissions, the relevant scope, and correct reporting year, state the verification standard used and includes Carbon Checks verification opinion. GHG accounting must not be seen as a ‘bolt’ on to other audit practices. It must be free from conflicts of interest, transparent and demonstrate environmental integrity.

“The Carbon Disclosure Project is the recognised standard for detailed corporate reporting on emission data and other climate related disclosure information, it is harnessing the power of information and investor activism to encourage a more effective corporate response to climate change” Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General.

Carbon Check would like to engage in discussions with you with regards to offering competitively priced CDP services for your company.  We are interested in providing you with a quote for performing the CDP verification for your company and have the capacity to start immediately and have sufficient team resources and expertise to handle the scope of the project.

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